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Getting More Out of Your Cannabis

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Whether you are a beginner cannabis consumer, or an experienced connoisseur, everyone wants to get the most out of their cannabis. By using your cannabis efficiently and ensuring your body is properly aligned to absorb THC, you can reap the most benefits. This not only ensures a potent, stoney experience but is also beneficial for medical patients looking to absorb the necessary amount of THC to help with their symptoms or conditions.
To help British Columbians get the most from their cannabis, we have put together a list of a few tips and tricks to prime your cannabis and body for ideal THC absorption.
Exercise Regularly
Not only does exercising before cannabis use get your heart rate and blood pumping, to deliver THC throughout the body quicker, but it also helps with THC tolerance. As THC is stored in body fat, individuals who exercise regularly are always releasing these stored levels of THC into their bloodstream. Thus, reducing their overall THC level to allow their body to absorb more of this potent cannabinoid during their next toke session.
Take Your Vitamins
Cannabis works best when your body is already optimized to receive it. Taking multivitamins opens up the bodies circulatory system, which helps it absorb nutrients – including THC. In addition, healthy fats help to aid the body in processing and absorbing nutrients, which is why many cannabis oils are mixed with MCT oil (coconut oil). Coconut oil, omega 3’s and olive oil are all good sources of healthy fats which can improve your bodies ability to absorb cannabinoids.
Don’t Hold Your Hit Forever
Contrary to popular belief, holding in your hit longer does not actually help with THC absorption. Neither does taking a huge hit as your lungs can only absorb so much cannabis at one time. It is best to take moderate hits, pulling in as if you were taking a normal breath, and then release. This will cause you to waste less bud and will help you to achieve a higher effect.
Consume Quality Cannabis
While it may not need to be said, quality flower is always better. Firstly, quality cannabis tends to be more potent with higher levels of THC, thus providing more cannabinoids to be consumed. Quality cannabis is also more potent in other factors, such as terpenes, which work with THC in the body to produce various effects from physical relaxation to cerebral invigoration. Consider Western Family Flowers for your next cannabis experience and reap the rewards of high quality flower!
Know Your Tolerance
Your body can only hold so much THC at one time, which is why it is often suggested to individuals who are no longer feeling the effects of THC to take a t-break. In this case, the user would either quit THC products for a period of 30-90 days, or they may want to consider CBD flower or edibles as an alternative for a few weeks to help deplete the body of THC levels. CBD counteracts the effects of THC, making it an excellent candidate to reset your body so that the next time you take a hit, the effects will be more potent.
We hope that this post has provided you some places to start if you are looking to improve your THC absorption and get more out of your cannabis. Leading a healthy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand for many cannabis users and works greatly to benefit the body’s ability to absorb cannabinoids.

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